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My Story

Helllllooo ALLLLLL!!!!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Hilary and I am a licensed esthetician and certified sugaring specialist. I was introduced into the art of body sugaring when I was about 13 years old and have been practicing off and on ever since. I used guinee pigs (AKA the best sister in the world and a few incredible friends, NOT actual Guinee pigs) to perfect my skills until I FINALLY graduated from Esthetics school and got my license in April of 2021. I'm excited to say that I can now bring my talent to San Marcos, Tx.

I recently opened up a new salon located at 705 W. Hopkins Street #113 San Marcos, Tx on the corner of Hopkins and Scott. Just a few blocks from the square. 

I am passionate about helping others with their "unwanted hair issues" by introducing a cleaner, all natural, skin friendly, hair removal solution. I can't say enough how much body sugaring has helped me personally in my own struggles with hair growth. 

So true story. I have EXTREMELY fast growing hair...everywhere but on my head. And when I say fast growing, I really mean fast growing. Like, shave in the morning and by lunch, I have cactus legs again. LOL How frustrating right? I've tried everything I could think of to keep the hair gone longer. Shaving everyday which caused severe razor burn. Hair removal cream which only removes hair at the surface and caused a chemical burn situation. And then there's the infamous Waxing. Now, I'm not here to bash on other services in my industry so I'll only speak to my own experiences. I've got very sensitive skin and the few times I've waxed I've gotten the following reactions. I've experienced a very painful stinging rash. I've had lifted and burned skin, and even allergic reactions. It's safe to say that waxing, hair removal creams and shaving JUST DON'T WORK for me. 

 Sugaring IS the way to go because it's designed for sensitive skin but works on ALL skin types. As we all know, shaving and hair removal creams cuts the hair at the surface and waxing has a whole different set of issues and side effects. However, sugaring uses the technique of removing hair in the direction of hair growth by the roots, therefore preventing such a rapid regrowth. Not to mention it's made from all natural ingredients, significantly reducing such harsh reactions.

Not only has it helped me with my "unwanted hair issues", it's also helped with ingrown hairs and excessive flaky skin. Another benefit to sugaring is that it's a gentle exfoliant, meaning it will help remove dead skin cells that where already ready to sluff off. 

My prices are comparable to other hair removal services in the area which means the only thing you have to lose is hair but gain SO much more. So why not make a make a change for the better? See you at your next visit :}. 

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How It Works

I use a sugar paste line created by Sugar Streak that allows me to combine two different sugar pastes to create a mixture that will work best for your specific hair type. I start off by determining what your hair type is and then picking out the ratios that will give you the best results. 

Sugaring your hair away rather than other types of hair removal processes will aid you in your journey to having healthier skin. 

Benefits include (but certainly not limited to):

Less chance of early re-growth- Because I apply the sugar against the hair growth pattern and remove the hair in the direction it grows, unlike waxing which is opposite, I am able to pull the hair with it's root. This in turn will prevent the early regrowth you will get by breaking the hair off at the skin. 

Low risk of ingrowns- Sugaring is also considered a mild exfoliant which just means that it gently removes dead skin cells that were already flaking off. This removes any barriers that could cause the hair to get caught under the skin creating an ingrown hair situation.

No chance of lifting- Sugar paste is only heated to room skin temperature which means it cannot burn the skin.

Water Soluble- It's also completely water soluble. Meaning that it cannot break through the epidermis or cause lifting like waxing may. And because it's water soluble, it cleans up super easy. No mess. No fuss.

All Natural Ingredients: Unlike other hair removal processes, body sugaring uses all natural ingredients (Sugar, Water, and Lemon) making it safe for all skin types. 

Less painful than waxing- Unlike waxing, sugar paste only adheres to the hair and not the skin. This means that any pain that is felt is solely from the hair being removed at the root. 

Smoother skin for Longer: Body sugaring typically lasts between 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your body produces hair. 

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